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        Using and Understanding the DHL Website

        Information about link types, guidance on completing forms and a list of useful DHL abbreviations and acronyms – all intended to support your browsing experience with DHL.
        DHL uses various abbreviations and acronyms across its website. These may refer either to industry-specific or DHL-specific product and business expressions. The glossary below is intended to help you learn and understand more about some of the more important abbreviations.
        AMElectronic Order Management: A method of easy data exchange between you as the sender, data center, print shop, Lettershop, agency, and Deutsche Post.
        CEOChief Executive Officer
        DHLDalsey, Hillblom, Lynn: The surnames of the buddying enterpreneurs who founded DHL in 1969.
        DMGDirect Marketing Guide
        EDIElectronic Data Interchange: An advanced Express shipping solution for large shipping volumes and multi-site logistics operations.
        FDAFood and Drug Administration: The authority responsible for the import of food into the United States.
        GMGlobal Mail
        GMOGlobal Mail Observer
        RFIDRadio Frequency Identification: A system that stores and provides information e.g. about a product, a pallet of goods or entire inventories and can process this information without any direct contact.
        3PLThird Party Logistics